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* Management is providing AC rooms to the kids.

* Our management is organizing “Small Digital Classes” to motivate the kids.

* To improve language fluency our team implemented a special English language program “MIKIDS “.

* Management is implementing project works to create aesthetic sense in the kids.

* For physical fitness, our team of teachers organizing Games, Sports and Karate


* Activity based education to improve Spoken English skills.

* Child centered education system.

* To give much emphasis to maths daily tables drilling and special focus on slow learners.

* To provide National Integration management celebrating festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day, Children’s Day and also Bonalu, Christmas, Dassara, Pongal etc.

* Every year management is organizing different competitions to bring out the hidden talents of children.


* A part of the above programs, our team training the children with Computer education, Group discussions, Seminars, Quiz etc.

* To improve Academic Standards management organizing extra classes with no cost for maths and science.

* Our team organizing “Science exhibitions” to inculcate scientific thinking and practical approach in the students.

* Management is organizing tour’s for recreation and social awareness of students.

* Library with different books to improve their language and communication skills.