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About The School

Sri Nayaki Model High School established in the year 1994. Our goal is to focus on the all-round development of each child and to give them a competitive spirit by motivating the students.

main moto of management is “Less cost with more quality” by implementing a well deciplain. To full fill this, our team of teachers organizing “Free Tuitions” from UKG to X classes. A part of the above, the main focus is on Spoken English, Mathematics, Science and Moral Education.

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Correspondent Sir V. Srinivasa Rao, B.Tech., Principal Smt. K.S.R Nayaki, B.Sc., B.Ed., since 1994, both were working for the development of the school. Providing direction and coordination in the school. Main focus is on to develop and maintain effective educational programs with in the school and to promote the teaching and learning skills of teachers and students.

They provide vision and leadership to all stakeholders in the school and create a safe and peaceful environment to achieve the mission of learning and educating at the highest level.



The school can encourage all communicates, irrespective of religion and minority people. The slogan is “FLY HIGH IN PERSUIT OF KNOWLEDGE” school can built competitive spirit in the children to prepare and achieve higher skills. We inculcate moral values in the children. The school can build up a happy, responsible and a useful citizen.



Our esteem institute can create a positive and safe environment for children to learn. We intend that all children should enjoy their learning. We foster our students love for learning, encourage them to try new and exciting thinks, and give them a solid foundation to build on.



Our institute always think about “less cost more quality”. We are providing extra classes to improve the standards of children in Maths and Science. We are encouraging grading system of education. To cover the entire syllabus, organizing number of Slip Tests. Particularly for S.S.C we are providing long study hours with oral elicitation and dictations in all subjects. Our teachers organise group discursions to improve the communication skills of the children.